Recheck is a Full Service Collection Agency

We handle all types of accounts and specialize in small business collections.


Debt Collection Includes

  • Consumer Debt
  • Commercial Debt
  • Medical Accounts
  • Government Accounts
  • Accounts Receivable

Services and Products

Competitive Recovery Rates
RECHECK is committed to industry leading recovery rates. We handle all bad debt accounts on a competitive contingency fee of the placement amount. Your contingency fee will not go up when an account is turned to legal. RECHECK still offers the same competitive rate.

No Long Term Contracts
We understand that cash flow is an essential ingredient to your success. RECHECK offers month-to-month agreements, no annual fees and no monthly minimums to give you that extra edge. We are confident that our performance will keep you as a RECHECK client.

Client Online Account Access
Clients are provided 24/7 safe and secure online acess to review the status of each account.

Credit Bureau Reporting
RECHECK reports qualified unpaid debt accounts and NSF checks to TransUnion if the account remains delinquent after 45 days.

In-House Legal Department
Our trained staff operates in full compliance with all state and federal laws while a licensed attorney, who oversees the collection process, stands ready to answer your collection questions and offer client contract consultation at no additional charge.

In-House Skip Trace Department
We have trained skip trace staff that will assist clients in providing locate information on debtors at no additional charge.

Easy Debtor Payment Options
RECHECK accepts credit card payments, automatic checking account debits, money orders and cashier checks sent via mail.

Check Recovery

No Cost Check Recovery
RECHECK's goal is to recover the full face value of the checks that you submit for recovery. In addition, there is no charge for recovery of checks submitted within 30 days of the origination date.

No Minimum Checks
RECHECK does not require a minimum number of checks be submitted each month.

Fast Cash Rebates
With a bank authorization agreement, RECHECK will pay you a rebate on each check that we collect on your behalf. The bank authorization provides you the fastest means available to submit your NSF checks to RECHECK.

Credit Bureau Reporting
RECHECK reports unpaid debt accounts and NSF checks to TransUnion if the account remains delinquent after 45 days.