Recheck is a Full Service Collection Agency

We handle all types of accounts and specialize in small business collections.

Q. Why hire a third-party collection agency to collect delinquent debt or NSF checks?

A. RECHECK has resources and expertise that 'in house collectors' do not. We will recover more of your money more quickly with much less expense. Let RECHECK handle your delinquent accounts so that you can do what your business does best.

Q. When is a good time to employ a collection agency?

A. When indebtedness is 90 days delinquent. When an inquiry discloses serious financial conditions. When a customer demonstrates bad faith and loses creditability.

Q. Do you report to credit bureaus?

A. Yes. RECHECK reports delinquent debt accounts and NSF checks to TransUnion if the account remains delinquent after 45 days.

Q. What type of accounts does your agency handle?

A. RECHECK is a full service collection agency handling all types of accounts. We specialize in small business collections. We provide recovery services for consumer and commercial accounts including insufficient funds checks. Our bad debt accounts include but are not limited to medical accounts, retail accounts, commercial accounts, and professional account receivables. Call us about your specific needs.

Q. Where does your agency provide services?

A. RECHECK is located in south-central Kansas and specializes in collection services throughout Kansas and the Midwest region. We are able to assist our clients in their collection needs regardless of where the debtor is located. If we are unable to assist you on a particular account we will assist you in finding an agency that is capable.

Q. Is there a contract to sign?

A. Yes. We understand that cash flow is an essential ingredient to your success. RECHECK offers month-to-month agreements to give you that extra edge. We are confident that our performance will keep you as a RECHECK client.

Q. Are there a minimum number of accounts required monthly?

A. No. RECHECK does not require a minimum number of checks or bad debt accounts each month. Our performance, not a contract, will keep you as a client.

Q. Does your agency have annual fees?

A. No. RECHECK charges no annual fees or any hidden costs.

Q. Are there any up front costs for collection of delinquent accounts?

A. No. There are no up front costs to collect your delinquent accounts. Our agency works exclusively on a contingency fee basis. If we don't collect we don't get paid.

Q. Are there any up front costs for collection of NSF checks?

A. No. RECHECK offers no cost check recovery services. RECHECK'S goal is to recover the full face value of the checks that you submit for recovery. In addition, there is no charge for recovery of checks submitted within 30 days of the date the check was written.

Q. Do you provide any rebates on NSF check collections?

A. Yes. With a bank authorization agreement, RECHECK will pay you a rebate on each check that we collect on your behalf. The bank authorization provides you the fastest means available to submit your NSF checks to RECHECK.

Q. What is your standard contingency fee?

A. RECHECK is committed to recovering 100% of your delinquent accounts. We handle all bad debt accounts on a competitive contingency rate of the placement amount. That rate may vary among clients based on the volume of accounts. Unlike most of our competitors, even if the account is turned to legal, the contigency rate remains the same.

Q. How old of a debt can you collect on?

A. We can pursue outstanding debts as long as they are within the Statute of Limitation.

Q. What debts can be placed for collections?

A. We will accept most accounts for collections, which are less than three years old. There is no minimum dollar amount with NSF checks and a minimum outstanding balance of $50.00 on bad debt accounts placed for collection.

Q. Are you able to locate people?

A. Yes. Our account managers are professionally trained at skip tracing. RECHECK utilizes the latest in skip tracing software and internet services. You can assist in our efforts by providing a social security number and date of birth for the debtor when the account is turned for collections.

Q. Are you able to locate debtor assets?

A. At your discretion, we can utilize an investigator who specializes in locating hidden assets such as bank accounts, stocks and other non exempt assets.

Q. When is an account turned to legal?

A. We allow each client to set guidelines as to when an account should be turned to legal. Some choose to turn accounts after 30-60 days, and some choose to never turn accounts to legal. Our office will contact you for your approval before any bad debt account is turned to legal. On any account turned to legal the contingency rate remains the same.

Q. Do you collect on judgments?

A. Yes.

Q. How are filing fees handled for lawsuits?

A. On all NSF check accounts turned to legal, RECHECK covers all of the legal costs. On all bad debt accounts, the client is responsible for the court costs.